Future Sex Toys: What are the features and benefits?

March 2, 2019

For sex toys, men have always been a bit behind. Fortunately, this is over now, because sex shops offer a large selection of sex toys for men. Whether for the sensual experience alone or as a couple – gentle stimulation or exciting ecstasy, here is something for everyone. Order sex toys for men and matching accessories like lubricants conveniently online and get everything you need for erotic and exciting hour’s home delivery. The large selection holds both the curious beginner as well as experienced users just the thing.

Manner toys for the pleasurable satisfaction

Even more fun and more lust – enjoying passionate hours, must not be missing sex toys. Since every taste is different and everyone likes something different, the hotter sex comes in a variety of shapes, colors and designs:

  • Similar to vibrators for women, prostate vibrators work – only that they stimulate not the G-spot but the P-spot and the prostate stimulation provides an unexpected ecstasy!
  • For men and women equally erotic may be the use of analgesics. According to taste and feeling any number of balls can be introduced. For beginners there are elastic chains, which are very supple.
  • Also popular as a unisex toy are anal plugs, which provide a relaxed anal stimulation and optimally prepare for anal sex. To taste there are anal plugs with and without vibration.
  • As sex toys for men, penis rings are often the first choice. Despite their simple application, they enable a long-lasting and strong erection and thus ensure maximum pleasure and fun – and everyone benefits from it.

Sensual and exciting: Sex toys for him

The lovemaking is not infrequently often referred to as the most beautiful trivia in the world. And let’s be honest: sex is the most fun, if you always tried something new. That’s no problem with the right sex toys: just order sex toys for men and women online and try out what you like – the main thing is, it’s fun!

Sex toys

Men have no objection to the competition of vibrators, dildos and sex toys in bed. This is shown in a representative survey by Fun Factory. 67.5 percent of the men interviewed on behalf of the sex toy maker see sex toys as an asset to sex, not competition.

Almost two-thirds of men would be curious if they found a sex toy with their partner. And more than half of respondents would give their partner a sex toy because it makes hotter sex. Stylish instead of embarrassing, sexy instead of fake – According to polls, 70.7 percent of respondents (men and women) say that sex toys are no longer considered taboo.

Most vibrators and dildos undoubtedly apply equally to women and men alike. Special Rabbit vibrators are reserved due to their design of the female anatomy, but the gentleman’s world does not lose out. So there are countless sex toys, the man should definitely take a closer look. Also in the field of Partner toys, which you find favorably at ideal, is worth a look.

Trendy: penis cages and remote toys

There is no way around the penis cage this year. The elaborate designs serve as a kind of chastity belt and are especially in the BDSM scene indispensable. They are attached to the body by means of a testicle or cock ring and can only be opened with the help of a lock. Of course, the key is provided by the partner – the key holder. However, experts advise against this: The risk of long-term health consequences is too high. Against the penis cage in conjunction with an exciting foreplay – but a proper application provided – nothing wrong.

Remote Vibrators is the magic word when it comes to technical progress in the vibrator world. The regulation via app is ideal for couples: the one enjoys, the other steers. The remote-capable vibrators are relatively expensive. For example, the popular We-Vibe Sync costs around 100 dollars.

Many are currently looking at the Sex toy purchase on quality materials and unusual designs. The manufacturers are now developing raw materials that should feel realistic and particularly pleasant. What is needed is medical silicone, which not only convinces in terms of hygiene, but also in terms of emotional highlights. It adapts to the body temperature in seconds and is nice and soft. Toys made of PVC and other plastics are rather discouraged. Although they are usually cheaper, but have health-damaging plasticizers – called phthalates – on. You can compromise with Toys made of ABS. This is skin-friendly hard plastic, which is extremely slippery. Best of all: ABS and silicone enable unusual designs. For example, it is only partially possible to recognize a reference to the erotic toy in some devices. Current dildos and vibrators are more reminiscent of futuristic decorative objects.

Classic dildos – from soft to hard

Those who dare to take the first step into the world of sex toys usually first look around at the “harmless” joy-makers. Sex through the back door is still a taboo subject for many men, and those who have tried it are often enthusiastic. For the entry are anal plugs ideal. They are smaller than traditional dildos and should always be equipped with a base at the bottom. This gives grip and provides the necessary security. A plug can also be used in preparation for the upcoming anal intercourse. He serves as a stretching instrument. Analgesics are also thought to stimulate the sensitive area. Different balls at different distances cause particularly intense experiences. Again, you should pay attention to the return handle when buying. The classic anal dildo has not lost popularity. Whether elegantly curved specimens, veined standard dildos or the extra-long variants of Doc Johnson – everyone gets their money’s worth.

It can be relaxing and for some men it is the only way to reach climax. The stimulation of the male G-spot, as the prostate is often called, takes place for example with special stimulators. They have exciting shapes: Most specimens are strongly curved and thus stimulate additional testicles and perinea area. Even more intense is it with prostate vibrators.

Powerful motors bring maximum fun

Vibrators for a stimulating prostate massage, natural vibrators modeled on a real penis, or high-erotic knobbed vibrators when you choose a motor-driven pleasure-giving device, highlights are guaranteed. An important criterion – especially for those who discretely like it – is the operating volume. Silicone housing dampens the vibration noise naturally, while plastic variants are usually a little louder. Another important aspect is how the vibrator behaves with water. Some like to combine the comedy with cleansing under the shower or in the bathtub. The good news: In the meantime, many waterproof devices and versions are offered which are at least splash-proof.

Those who like to go beyond anal satisfaction should take a look at the urethral vibrators. They are called dilators and introduced into the urethra. For reasons of hygiene, the narrow rod is mostly made of medical grade stainless steel. Thus, the surface is smooth and cool pleasant. Different vibration levels provide a soothing stimulation. When inserting special care is required! To be sure, a lubricant is recommended.